TV Music

Edmund has been writing for film and television for over fifteen years. Equally happy writing for full orchestra or sound design, he has worked on a huge variety of films, some of which are listed below. He often works with co-writer Julian Hamlin (see for full credits).

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Current TV work includes a new cookery show ‘Crazy Delicious’ (coproduction with Netflix and C4) and ‘Ed Balls in Euroland’ (BBC) as well as the latest series of ‘The Real Marigold Hotel’ and ‘Unreported World’ (C4). Sony/KPM released a third album of his library music and his sixth album for De Wolfe Music was released in February.

Highlights in 2019/20 include ‘A Merry Tudor Christmas with Lucy Worsley’ (BBC) and having a track featured in the major new Australian Drama series ‘Between Two Worlds’. His music continues to be heard on ‘Saturday Night Live NBC’ and the ongoing series ‘Long Lost Family’ (ITV).

Edmund’s score for the BBC 1 film ‘Elizabeth at 90 a Family Tribute’ was nominated for an RTS Craft and Design Award.

Selected Credits


‘Prince, Son and Heir – Charles at 70’ (Crux Productions)
‘A hotel for the super rich and famous’ (series, SpunGold) *
‘Elizabeth at 90 – A Family Tribute’ (Crux Productions). Music nominated for an RTS Craft and Design Award
‘The Real Marigold Hotel’ (series, TwoFour) * BAFTA nominated 2017
‘The Real Marigold on Tour’ (series, TwoFour) *
‘Who do you think you are?’ (series, Wall to Wall) * BAFTA nominated 2010
‘A Jubilee Tribute to the Queen by the Prince of Wales’ (Rare Day)
‘Goodnight Britain’ (series, Wall to Wall) *
‘Turn back time: The High Street’ (series, Wall to Wall) *
‘The Young Ones’ (series, Wall to Wall) *
‘Charles at 60: The Passionate Prince’ (BBC 1/Worldwide)
‘Fantastic Mr Dahl’ (part of the Imagine Series, Mentorn Productions) This documentary is also one of the extra features on the DVD release of Tim Burton’s movie ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and the DVD of Wes Anderson’s ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’.
‘CCTV: You are being watched’ (Series, Steadfast Productions) *

BBC 2/3/4

‘A Merry Tudor Christmas with Lucy Worsley’ (Burning Bright Productions)
‘Ed Balls in Euroland’ (series, Expectation TV) *
‘Travels in Trumpland with Ed Balls’ (series, Expectation TV) *
‘Undercover with the Clerics’ *
‘Targeting Yemen / Yemen’s Hidden War’ (Mongoose Pictures) *
‘The Bank that almost broke Britain’ (STV) *
‘Journey in the Danger Zone: Iraq’ (series, October Films) *
‘Revolution – a New Art for a New World’ (Foxtrot Films) Released as a Theatrical Feature worldwide in Cinemas 2016
‘Oink’ (Ronachan Films) *
‘George III – the Genius of the Mad King’ (Crux Productions)
‘Hermitage Revealed’ (Foxtrot Films) Released as a Theatrical Feature worldwide in Cinemas 2014
‘Married in Britain’ (Firecracker Films) *
‘My child in their hands’ (series, Landmark Films) *
‘Coming to England’ (Floella Benjamin Productions)
‘Cops, Cars and Criminals’ (series, Steadfast Productions) *


‘Long Lost Family’ (series, Wall to Wall) * Winner of an RTS Award 2013; BAFTA win 2014; BAFTA nominated 2015.
‘Emmerdale 1918’ (series, Lambent, additional music)
‘When Philip met Prince Philip’ (series, Spun Gold) *
‘The Royal Wives of Windsor’ (series, Spun Gold) *
‘Royal Stories’ (series, TVT productions) *
‘When Ant and Dec met Prince Charles: 40 Years of the Prince’s Trust’ (Spun Gold) *
‘The Great War: The People’s Story’ (series, ITV productions) BAFTA nominated 2015; Banff World Television Award 2015
‘Secrets from the Workhouse/Asylum/Clink’ (series, Wall to Wall)*
‘Stephen Fry’s Key to the City’ (Sprout Pictures)*
‘Royal Paintbox’ (Foxtrot Films)
‘Words of Everest’ (ITV Productions)
‘Words of Captain Scott’ (ITV Productions)
‘Susan Boyle: An Unlikely Superstar’ (Firecracker Films) *
‘Looking for Lowry’ (Foxtrot Films)
‘Freddie Flintoff versus the World’ (ZigZag Productions) *
‘Words of the Blitz’ (ITV Productions) *
‘Tears, Lies and Videotape’ (Mentorn) *
‘The Troubles I’ve Seen’ (Bite yer legs off) *

Channel 4

‘Crazy Delicious’ (series, Optomen/Netlfix) *
‘Unreported World’ (series 24-39, Quicksilver Media) *
‘Working with Weinstein’ (Tigerlily) * Grierson Award nominated 2018
‘Confessions of a Junior Doctor’ (series, TwoFour) *
‘The Royal House of Windsor’ (series, Spun Gold)
‘Isis and the Battle for Iraq’ (Dispatches – Quicksilver Media) *
‘First Contact: The Lost Tribe of the Amazon’ (Ronachan Films) * RTS Winner 2017
‘How the rich get hitched’ (Firecracker Films) *
‘The Billion Pound Hotel’ (Rize USA) *
‘Walking the Nile’ (series, October Films) *
‘Worst Place to be a Pilot’ (series, Firecracker Films) *
‘Manhunt: Closing in on a British Paedophile’ (Quicksilver Media) *
‘Secrets of the Living Dolls’ (Firecracker Films) *
’40 Year Old Virgins’ (ZigZag Productions) *
‘Turtleboy’ (Bodyshock – Current Sponge) *
‘Confessions of a Teenage Transexual’ (Cutting Edge – PopKorn Television) *
‘Murder on Honeymoon’ (Dispatches – Mentorn Productions) *
‘My Dad’s Pregnant’ (Firecracker Films) *
‘My New Brain’ (Cutting Edge – Ronachan Productions) * BAFTA nominated 2010
‘Katie Piper the alternative Christmas Message’ (Mentorn Productions) *
‘Lakshmi 2’ (ZigZag Productions) Additional music provided. *
‘Atlantic Convoys – the War at Sea’ (series, Darlow Smithson Productions) *
‘Katie Piper: My Beautiful Face’ (Cutting Edge – Mentorn Productions) * BAFTA nominated 2010
‘Two Foot Tall Teen’ (Bodyshock – ZigZag Productions) *
‘Bobski the Builder’ (Cutting Edge – Princess Productions)
‘The Hospital’ (series, North One Productions) *
‘Outback Art – the Gold Rush’ (Century Films)
‘The girl with eight limbs’ (Bodyshock – ZigZag Productions) *
‘My Boyfriend the Sex Tourist’ and ‘Girlfriend for Sale’. (20th Century Productions) *
‘World’s Biggest Boy’ (Bodyshock – Granada) *
‘Why Bomb London?’ (Dispatches) *
‘Megatumour’ (Bodyshock) *
‘Citizen Power’ (Channel 4) *
‘Against all Odds’ (Channel 4) *

Channel 5

‘CCTV Cities’ (series, Steadfast Productions) *
‘Hidden Lives: Naked Parents’ (Gekko Productions)
‘The Twin within the Twin’ (Extraordinary People Series) *
‘The first head transplant’ (Channel 4) *
‘Archie, Six Stone Baby’ (Extraordinary People Series) *

Sky 1

‘My Kitchen Rules’ (series, Boundless) *
‘Surviving Serial Killers’ (series) *
‘Killing Mum and Dad’ (Sky TV) *
‘Borderforce’ (series) *
‘Sky Night Cops’ (series) *

National Geographic

‘Megafactories: The Mini Coupe’ (ZigZag Productiones) *
‘The truth behind…’ (4 programmes, series 2, ZigZag Productions) *
‘The truth behind…’ (6 programmes, series 3, ZigZag productions) *
‘The Real Slumdogs’ (ZigZag Productions). *

Discovery / TLC

‘Homestead Rescue’ (series 1 and 2, Raw TV) *
‘Body Bizarre’ (series 1 and 2, ZigZag/Barcroft Productions) *

History Channel

‘The Nazi Gospels’ (Nutopia Films)


‘Frontline: Targeting Yemen’ (Mongoose Pictures) *
‘Frontline: The Battle for Ukraine’ (Quicksilver Media) *
‘Frontline: Ebola Outbreak’ (Quicksilver Media) *
‘Frontline: Patient Zero’ (Mongoose Pictures) *


‘Age UK – Just Another Day’
‘Virgin Money’
‘Incredible India: Rural Tourism – Gujurat’
‘Club Claret’

Theatrical Features

‘Revolution – a New Art for a New World’ (Foxtrot Films) Released as a Theatrical Feature worldwide in Cinemas 2016 (also shown on the BBC).
‘Hermitage Revealed’ (Foxtrot Films) Released as a Theatrical Feature worldwide in Cinemas 2014 (also shown on the BBC).

Other TV/Film

‘Discovering Pitzhanger with Griff Rhys Jones’ (independent film)
‘Think Ahead’ (independent film) *
‘Inside Dior’ (series More 4, FinesStripe) *
‘Facebookistan’ (Express TV) *
‘Pretty Damn Authentic’ (independent film)
‘Cultural Identity’ (Nottingham University)
‘Great Health Now’ (promotional film for company)
‘I am’ (promotional film for the Kevin Spacey foundation)
‘Jeans for Genes’ (promotional film for Charity)
‘Leon Max – a life of beauty’ (independent film, OF TV Productions)
‘Life in a Broken Body’ (independent film)
‘Life Clubs’ (promotional film for company)
‘The Lost Girl’ (independent film) *

(* denotes music co-composed with Julian Hamlin)

Other TV shows where Edmund’s music has been used include ‘Saturday Night Live NBC’, ‘Eastenders’, ‘Coronation Street’, ‘Hollyoaks’, ‘The One Show’, ‘Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway’, ‘The Inbetweeners 10th Birthday Party’, ‘Children in Need’, ‘Masterchef’, ‘Lion Country: Day and Night’, ‘Songs of Praise’, ‘Animal Rescue’, ‘Mary Berry’s Country House Secrets’, ‘Ben Fogle: New Lives in the wild’, ‘Location Location Location’, ‘Country File’,  ‘Victorian Bakers’, ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’, , ‘Nine Months that made you’ ‘Beechgrove Garden’, ‘Gogglebox’, ‘Child Genius’, ‘The Gift’, Harry Hill’s Stars in their eyes’, ‘Celebrity Big Brother’s bit on the side’, ‘The Alan Titchmarsh show’, ‘Chef Academy’, ‘Hoarder next door’, ‘Food unwrapped’, ‘Real Housewives of Cheshire’, ‘Weighing up the enemy’, ‘The World’s weirdest weather’, ‘Secrets of the Manor House’, Capital FM and Classic FM, amongst others.

Radio Music/Podcasts

‘The Animals/A Meeting by the River’ (Podcast starring Simon Callow, Alan Cumming, Dominic West, Penelope Wilton amongst others)
‘Archive Hour: The Many Lives of Roald Dahl’ (Radio 4)
‘Essex and Proud’ (Title music, BBC Radio Essex)

Theatre Music

‘After Amber’ by James Woolf (King’s Head Theatre)
‘Chicken and Mushroom Pie’ and ‘Chips’ (King’s Head Theatre)

Edmund has written music for over twenty theatre productions, including plays which have been performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the New End Theatre, the National Gallery, Jermyn Street Theatre, Burgh House and on tours around Europe.