Chamber Works

Works for 3 or more players

A Celebration (2015)
(Wind Quintet) Duration: 1’40” First performance 19 September 2015, St. Martin in the Fields
A Short Welcome (2014)
(Brass Quintet) Duration: 2’50”
Break Out (2001)
(4 players, 2 pianos) Duration: 5’40” Commissioned by Piano 40 First performance 14th September, 2001 Piano 40 Purcell Room, London
Call Me (2010/11)
(ob, cl, bssn) Duration: 14’00” (4 Movements which can also be done separately) Commissioned by the Rose Trio with funds from RVW Trust First performance 30th October, 2011 The Rose Trio The Forge, Camden, London Published by Reed Music
Carnival (2003)
(4 players, 2 pianos) Duration: 6’45” Commissioned by Piano 40 First performance 5th February, 2003 Piano 40 Purcell Room, London
Cheese on Toast (2010)
for beginner violins or double bass players and piano Duration: 2’00”
Come Play (2005) LISTEN ON JUKE BOX
(fl, ob, Also available for various instrumental combinations. Fanfare/Concert Opener Duration: 1’30” Commissioned by Rarescale First performance 21st August, 2005 Rarescale Dartington International Summer School Published by Tetractys 
Double F for Freddie (2010) LISTEN ON JUKE BOX
(4 players, 1 piano) Duration: 7’00” Commissioned by Trinity College of Music First performance, 29th October, 2010 Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Canada (BUY)
Eye, Nose and Cheek (2003)
clarinet / flexible quartet Duration: 4’30” Commissioned by COMA First performance 26th October, 2003 COMA, Tate, Liverpool
Intrada (2015)
(Brass Quintet) Duration: 1’50”
Move it! (2010)
four double basses / four trombones Duration: 4’30” First performance 22nd May, 2011 Wells Cathedral School Published by Recital Music
Movements (2015)
(String Quartet) Duration 11’00”
six pianos Duration: 8’30” First performance TBC
(brass quintet) Duration: 6’30” Commissioned by Mardi Brass First performance 12th September, 2007 Mardi Brass, St, John’s School, Leatherhead
Petite Suite (2015)
(Four French Horns) Duration 7’30”
String Quartet Also available for string orchestra / solo cello / piano duet Duration: 5’20” Commissioned by SPNM and Frances-Marie Uitti First performance 2nd December, 2008 Phillips Academy Chamber Orchestra, Massachusetts, USA (BUY)
Sirens (2006)
(fl.1/doubling piccolo, fl.2, fl.3, alto flute/doubling fl.4) Duration: 6’30” Commissioned by the London Flutes First performance 14th May, 2006 The London Flutes, Brighton College
Stalker (2016) LISTEN ON JUKE BOX 
(soprano saxophone, violin, piano). Durations: 3’30” Commissioned by Trifarious First performance 22nd February, 2017, Trifarious, Sandbach. 
Static (2004 rev. 2006)
(fl., cl., string quartet and piano) Duration: 4’30” First workshopped 27th August, 2004 MoEns Ensemble and the Martinu Quartet Dartington International Summer School Also workshopped 8th July, 2006 Sounds New (under Nicholas Cleobury), Christ Church, College, Canterbury
Strike up the Band (2005)
(fl., cl., vln, opt. piano, D.B.) Duration: 3’00” Educational Music with parts of varying difficulty First performance 17th May, 2006 Pupils of secondary schools, Institute of Education, London
cl, sop. sax., alto sax, vla, cello, piano Also available in a longer version for chamber orchestra Duration: 4’35” Commissioned by Kings High School Warwick First performance 21 March, 2012 King’s High School, Warwick
Three Miniatures for Viola Quartet (2019) 4 violas Duration: 7’00”
Tempest Fugit (2012) LISTEN ON JUKE BOX
3 flutes Duration: 2’00” Commissioned by The Tempest Flute Trio First performance 11 April, 2012 The Forge, Camden. Published by Tetractys
Turn on, tune in and drop out (2005)
(fl, cl, vib, vln, vla, cello) Duration: 6′ Commissioned by Ensemble 10/10 (members of the RLPO) First Performance 12th June, 2005 Ensemble 10/10, Tate Liverpool
What comes after M? (2006) LISTEN ON JUKE BOX
(2 cl., piano and string quartet). Also available for string sextet and piano. Based on Mozart Fragments Duration: 5’40” Commissioned by Sounds New First Performance 4th December, 2006 Sounds New (under Nicholas Cleobury), St. Peter’s Church, Canterbury (BUY)
Whim (2006)
(cl, string quartet) Based on Mozart Fragments Duration: 4’30” Commissioned by Sounds New First Performance 4th December, 2006 Sounds New (under Nicholas Cleobury), St. Peter’s Church, Canterbury
…you have but slumber’d here (2004/2012)
(clarinet quartet / flexible quartet) Duration: 7′ (five movements) First performance 16th May, 2004 London Chamber Group, The George Inn, London First performance revised work 15th February, 2012 Alleyn’s School