Solo Works

Dance for Piano (2006)
(solo piano) Duration: 3’45” First performance 4th February 2012 Frederic Chopin Conservatoire, Paris

Memories of Childhood (2015)
(solo violin) Duration: 9’30” First performance TBC

Pan (2012)
(oboe and pre-recorded oboe) Duration: 7’30” First performance 7th December 2012 James Turnbull, Bristol University Published by Composers Edition

Piano Solo (2007)
(solo piano) Duration: 5’00” First performance 5th February 2012 Frederic Chopin Conservatoire, Paris

Frantisek/Postage Samp for Posta (2017)
(solo Double Bass) Duration 2’00” First performance 29th and 30th September 2017 Cathcart Baptist Church, Glasgow

Pimento (2016)
(solo piccolo) Duration 1’00” First performance TBC

Quiet Rush (2005)
(solo organ) Duration: 8′ Commissioned by PRS and St. Botolph’s Church First performance 24th November, 2007 David Ponsford, St. Botolph’s Church, London

Rain Dance (2006) LISTEN ON JUKE BOX
(solo cello) Also available for string quartet / string orchestra / piano duet Duration: 5’20” Commissioned by SPNM and Frances-Marie Uitti First performance 4th April, 2006 Frances Marie-Uitti, Wapping Power Station, Solo Spotlights Festival

The Garden of Gethsemane (2004) LISTEN ON JUKE BOX
(solo organ) Also arranged for flute and organ Duration: 7′ First performance 1st December, 2004 David Goode, St. Botolph’s Church, London

The Strath (2015)
(solo piano) Duration: 3’30”. Winnner of the Renee B. Fisher Composition Competition. Set as part of the piano competition repertoire 2016 in New Haven, Connecticut.

Song of the Rain (2015)
(solo piano) Duration: 4’20” First performance TBC

Song for a Summer Evening (2015)
(solo piano) Duration: 4’20” First performance TBC

Triptych (2004)
(solo organ) Duration: 10′ (three movements) Commissioned by the assistant organist at Coventry Cathedral First performance 23rd August, 2004 David Titterington, St. Andrew’s Church, Plymouth

Triumphale (2006)
(solo organ) Duration: 6′ First performance 15th July, 2006 Ian Le Grice, Temple Church